Liza Abrahams


Welcome to the profile of Liza Abrahams, a valuable member of the valuator team at We Buy Exclusive Cars. Liza’s love for luxury cars and dedication to providing exemplary service make her a cherished part of our team and a favourite among clients.

Liza brings a wealth of experience in the exclusive car market to the table. Her in-depth knowledge of luxury vehicles, alongside a keen understanding of market trends, ensures that our clients receive expert advice when looking to buy or sell exclusive cars.

Liza maintains that every engagement in the world of luxury cars should be an enjoyable and enriching experience. This belief informs her approach to customer service, which is rooted in transparency, fairness, and creating a welcoming environment for clients.

In her free time, Liza enjoys spending time with her family, travelling, and experiencing the stunning landscapes of South Africa.

Experience the difference with Liza Abrahams. Whether you’re interested in buying or selling an exclusive car, let Liza guide you through a satisfying and rewarding journey.

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