Leah Abrahams


Welcome to the profile of Leah Abrahams, an esteemed receptionist and great member of the We Buy Exclusive Cars team. Leah’s enduring passion for exclusive cars and unwavering commitment to providing top-notch service make her an integral part of our operation and a delight to our clients.

With a rich background in the luxury car industry, Leah offers a comprehensive understanding of the nuances of exclusive vehicles and a keen awareness of the latest market trends. Whether you are exploring the possibility of buying an exclusive car or considering selling one, Leah’s expert guidance will empower you to make informed decisions and ensure a beneficial deal.

Leah believes that every interaction in the world of luxury cars should be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. This conviction is at the heart of her approach to customer service, where transparency, fairness, and comfort for clients are paramount.

Away from the dynamic world of luxury cars, Leah cherishes quality time with her family, loves to travel, and appreciates the diverse beauty of South Africa.

Let Leah Abrahams guide you on your journey of buying or selling a luxury car, turning it into a rewarding and enjoyable experience.

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